Who are we?

Teflonthebeachdotcom was established in 2018 in Thailand by a group of teachers that started helping people from around the world realise their dream of living abroad.

The need to help people started off very simply, answering questions on Facebook about where to find jobs, who should they travel with, visa issues and so on...

The group soon realized that their unique differences allowed them to answer people from all different backgrounds, with many different situations.
Our CEO for example, traveled with a family abroad, our lead facilitator is a single woman that only wanted to teach special needs students... And so on.

With the information we had, and the experience we have as a combined unit, it would be silly to not share this dream with the world and help every individual realize their dream too.
'Feed a man a fish and you feed him for one day, Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. We at TEFL On The Beach are full-filling lives teaching English as a foreign language. The reality is exactly what the qoute says above - As teachers we affect the lives of 100s of students that learn how to speak English by us and our clients. We are literally changing their lives forever which will also have a massive positive impact in their future. It opens doors to many possibilities for the students that learn to speak English. We have fun while changing lives by teaching English and now also giving others the opportunity to do the same.
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