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Our FAQ's

1. Salary expectation
2. Payment plan with TOTB courses

Other than the option of using your credit card and paying crazy interest rates, there is very little, possibly no other company similar to TOTB, offering a payment plan for these types of services, and INTEREST FREE!!

120 Hour TEFL Course:

  • Full price – R2200.00
  • Deposit – R900.00
  • Balance of payment, over 2 months – R650.00 p/m

180 Hour TEFL Course:

  • Full price – R2700.00
  • Deposit – R900.00
  • Balance of payment, over 2 months – R900.00 p/m

Orientation & Placement Package exclusive TEFL Course:

  • Full price – R7500.00
  • Deposit – R1500.00
  • Balance of payment, over 3 months – R2000.00 p/m

Orientation & Placement Package inclusive TEFL Course:

  • Full price – R9000.00
  • Deposit – R1500.00
  • Balance of payment, over 3 months – R2500.00 p/m
3. What am I responsible for

First and foremost, as much as we pride ourselves on our values, one of it being ensuring end-to-end support, your safety is firstly your responsibility before anyone else’s. Research, check, double check, don’t do anything dumb, and stay vigilant at all times when travelling.
You are required to complete your TEFL course successfully and timeously, record a 30 second intro video, apply for your police (criminal) clearance from your home country, obtain a valid passport (with at least 1 year validity still available), notarize necessary documents, pay for your flights, and of course, pay us on time… 😊

4. Why choose us

Simple, our service level agreement dictates that we have to respond to 90% of our queries within 4 hours of receiving it. You will never be left in the dark. We are a family owned company with family values, and we didn’t choose these values, these values chose us. This is naturally who we are and we would love for you to be a part of it.

We are a group of existing teachers, that has lived abroad in various countries and have real life experience with almost any living abroad issue you can possibly think of. We’ve experienced it and overcome it and can help you overcome that too. Our placement team and specialists are able to place you in Thailand, Vietnam, China and Cambodia. We are working very hard to improve our range. If this is not enough, we also offer the boring stuff, we are fully accredited and able to guarantee you a job. Need more info… Contact us now!

5. What is tefl/tesol

Tefl stands for teaching English as a foreign language and Tesol stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages. They are pretty much the same thing and is your gateway certificate to teaching English as a second language (esl) all over the world. Without it, you will rarely be hired.

6. Do I need a degree to teach abroad?

The truth is that if you have tefl or a tesol accredited course completed, any school will be happy to hire you. You are also able to teach English online without a degree and earn equal and sometimes more than in class teaching. Contact us to find out which countries demand a degree in order to obtain a work permit.

7. Placement assistance vs placement guarantee?

With placement assistance we allow you access to our daily job feed, introduce you to recruiters and show you awesome easy methods to help you find work on your own. Of course we assist with information on all other issues such as visas, flights, accommodation etc.
With placement guarantee, you are guaranteed to be placed in a job at the end of your course. Please view our jobs section on our website to find out how we are able to achieve this…
Our placement team and specialists are able to place you in Thailand, Vietnam, China and Cambodia. We are working very hard to improve our range.
With guaranteed placement, you have peace of mind that your investment in your tefl course with us will soon be recouped. Please contact us if you would like more information.

8. Visa for me and my family

At Teflonthebeachdotcom we are able to assist you with information about all the requirements for your visas. We can tell you exactly what is needed dependant on your situation. So that when living abroad, you have peace of mind that you are living legally.

9. Types of schools and locations

By completing our courses you are eligible to teach at any school in any country. The types of schools available are private schools, public schools, online teaching and language centres. We have links to all types of schools!

10. Accreditation

In order to achieve accreditation and meet international standards, the following needs to be achieved:

  1. At least 100 hours of coursework and training.
  2. At least 6 to 20 hours live practice.
  3. External validation and accreditation by a recognised, independent body within the field.
  4. Course instructors to hold at least a masters degree.
11. Accommodation?

When hired by a school or a recruiter, you are assisted fully with options for accommodation. You need not worry…
We are also able to assist you with alternatives that are suited to your needs. Contact us to find out more!

12. Transport?

The schools we place you at are always rather accessible. Either by bus, or train. We are able to assist you with a monthly rental of a scooter and if you need scooter lessons and a licence, we provide that too.

13. After-Sales Service

We at TOTB will continue to assist our teachers once they have arrived in their destination country.
The assistance we offer is related to airport pickup; securing appropriate accommodation; processing of visas; transport to and from school; opening up a bank account and health insurance; as a lifetime member of the TOTB family we will assist with future placements at no extra charge.