TEFL Online 180 Hour + Free 24H Tutor

Our 180 Hour TEFL Course

Extra 60 HR online TEFL/TESOL course that includes Teaching English for Business and Online Teaching.

  • Online Teaching Job Placement assistance with up to 60 international companies.
  • Visa information
  • Dependent visa information
  • Information about living abroad
  • Information about opening bank account
  • Permanent Accommodation information
  • Job club access
  • Online Tutor included

Our Payment Plan with TOTB

  • Full price – R2700.00
  • Deposit – R900.00
  • Balance of payment, over 2 months – R900.00 p/m

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1. I will adhere to the rules and regulations of my selected course and will complete my course within the given time frame as stated below:
- 120-hour online course and/or pro package to be completed in no less than two weeks and no longer than 6 months from date of registration.
- One-week orientation program to be completed within my selected week as discussed with my assigned tutor.
- After arrangements have been made for job placement, I am only allowed one change or opportunity to postpone.

2. I understand that I am allowed to state my preference for placement but my preference is not guaranteed.
3. My online course certificate is only available as an electronic document and if I require a hard copy I am liable for postage costs.
4. I acknowledge that I am only entitled to the list of services I have paid for, as advertised on this website.
5. I cannot hold the owners or the business TEFLonthebeach.com liable for any loss or damage of my personal belongings, while travelling or otherwise.
6. I cannot hold the owners or the business TEFLonthebeach.com liable for my inability to complete my selected course.
7. I have completed this application and accepted these terms while of sane mind.
8. I cannot hold the owners or staff of TEFL on the Beach liable for any loss I have incurred.
9. I am aware that I am required and I agree to produce documentation to TEFL on the Beach in order to be placed.